The text below has been published in the exhibitioncatalogue of Themaphilex 1998 in Amsterdam (may 98).

It states that the so called Child-stamps-thankyou-cards are adult philatelic items to show into ones collection.

These cards where a yearly co-production of the Child-stamps foundation and Postal authorities of the Netherlands.


A double card with around it a stampperforation, has on the frontside an enlarged childstamp. On the inside there is a thank-you text on the left and at right the child-stamp with an official cancellation.

On the backside is mentioned the edition and editionnumber.

The cards where only distributed by the foundation to those who helped selling these stamps. They are meant as appreciation for the members of the lacal committees, participants in the schools and to companies who ordered a large quantity of those stamps.

Until some years ago there where three different cards with each a different text: the C-cards for committee members; the S-cards for educational personnel and the B-cards for companies.

As far as chess is concerned the 1973-chessboard edition is important.

Three different ones:

  1. 7.500 ex; text translated: Your support has helped in an important way to succeed the childstamp action 1973. We thank you for your care and dedication.
  2. 16.000 ex.; text translated: Your contribution to the childstampaction 1973 opened for the helpless Dutch child, new opportunities. We thank you for your help and hope to count on your appreciated cooperation in the future
  3. 22500 ex.; text translated; the childstampaction 1973 meant a great deal of work for you and assuming a great responsibility. Under your leadership the schoolyouth again reached a wonderfull result. We thank you for your care and dedication.

Counting the relative low quantities the cards are not often offered for sale together.


Actual size is 15x22 cm unfolded