You hear it all the time: “who can be trusted these days??”

Since around 1998 we, the dutch chess collectors, turn it around: “mention me a real chesscollector who cannot be trusted!!”


And so, if you are a real chesscollector, our policy is that you have the right to watch the auctionitems before you pay.

Naaaaahh, not only the jpg scans, because they only give a rough indication!!.


Since last century we sent the items before payment is received, and we must admit;  once it went wrong

Postal authorities use sorters to presort the mail. A cover with items to Brasil has been badly abused by such a shredder.

And so the buyer did not have to pay a dime.


How different do the commercial auctionhouses handle this.

They say in their terms; risk is yours from the moment the auctionhammer is down and ownership only when you’ve paid in advance.

Not our style!!!


Of course we try not to be too stupid and when in future chesscollectors evolute to less honest, we have to change the terms.


First of all; this is not a personal auction. It is supervised by the Dutch Motiefgroep Schaken. The Official Chess Collectors Society of the Netherlands.

The administration is subject to a yearly check by members of this society, not being part of the board. (independent audit).


Your mails are registered and checked by a member of the board.

Another member of the board handles the written bids on the day.

And besides these measures, we’re not commercial, it’s not our food, and moral is something we keep in mind.




Item  987  (with a starting price of 100 euro) is the one you want, because this items makes you rock !!?!?! mmmmm!!!!!

But you think; do I pay a fair price when I place a maxbid of 350 euro? (please note the current exchange rate between US and euro!!). Are there no secret tricks so that I pay too much??


Back to the example.

Bids are raised step by step in euro’s.

From 0 till 2,50 with 0,25; then till 5,00 with 0,50; then till 20,00 with 1,00; then till 35,00 with 1,50 and above with 2,50.

So if we have this written bid of 350 and on the day in the auctionhall another collector  bids till 275,00, then the written bidder holds the item for 277,50.

However, starting at 100 and everybody is asleep,   then the written bidder pays the startingprice.

We only add 10% charges (we also have to pay the rent for accommodation on the day) and the actual postal charges.


Bids are kept secret, so please do not ask us if bids are already placed on an item, because we are not allowed to answer.

However also here a guarantuee for large amounts.  We know most of the bidders and when a highbidder has his doubts we can ask the second high-bidder if he allows us to give this info to the high bidder. Untill now nobody asked us to activate this option and we’re glad for the trust you give us.


If you have anymore questions, please ask them.



Nico vd Plas

Auctioneer Motiefgroep Schaken


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